Special Offerings

These are a number of special offerings taken during the year.  The four offerings recommended by the denomination are listed first and then others local offerings are listed.

One Great Hour of Sharing.  This denominational offering is taken at Easter for crisis and self-development of people.

Pentecost.  This denominational offering is for children at risk as well as ministries with youth and young adults.  40% remains locally.

Peacemaking.  This denominational offering is taken on World Communion Sunday in Octber and goes for peacemaking efforts locally (25%) and also worldwide (75%).

Christmas/Joy Offering.  This last denominational offering comes at Christmas with 50% going to retired pastors and spouses in need of additional financil aid and 50% goes to our Presbyterian racial/ethnic schools.

Oregon Elementary:  This offering is taken each year prior to the start of school to purchase school supplies for needy children at Oregon Elementary.

Angel Tree:  This is not really an offering, but rather a purchase of Christmas gifts by individuals for foster children in CASA.

Blankets:  This offering is taken by the Presbyterian Women to purchase blankets for the needy throughout the world.

COPE:  This offering is taken by the Presbyterian Women to assist abused women in Otero County.


  June 2021  
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