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As described in the Book of Order, Elders on the session may make numerous decisions, such as: direct the evangelism program of the church; receive or transfer members; lead the congregation in mission; direct the circumstances of worship (including the development of new technology used in music, sermons, and the sharing of Scripture); provide for church growth; develop and supervise the church school; develop principles and programs of stewardship; establish and finalize the church budget and function as financial officers; lead the church in its mission to the world; participate in ecumenical and interfaith activities; instruct, examine, ordain, and install new elders and deacons; direct the employment policies of the church; provide for the management of the church; maintain relationships with higher governing bodies of the church and churches in other denominations; and keep an accurate roll of the membership of the church.

Elders are elected to serve on the session for three-year terms, with the possibility of reelection to a second term, provided that the time of service does not exceed six years. The title of elder is retained even when a man or woman is no longer serving on the session. Therefore it is possible for one congregation to have many elders in the church, including those who were ordained in other congregations within the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

  May 2022  
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